Are we as good of stewards as we can be?
— Ron

Ron and Maria Rosmann are founding members of Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI), an organization started in 1985 which uses farmer-led research and information sharing that supports sustainable agriculture, benefiting the land and people. Rosmann Family Farms has conducted over 25 PFI-supported research trials and hosted numerous demonstration field days for over 30 years. See below for some of those research trials and field day events. Rosmann Family Farms is a strong supporter of PFI and is thankful for the organization and continued collaboration.

PFI Research

Feeding Trial, 2012 - Succotash for Organic Swine

Grinds and Grains in Swine Diets: Different Approaches, 2013 Study

Practical Farmers of Iowa, 2013. Hog Feeder Adjustment

Rain at the Rosmann Field Day - 2011 Field Day Event

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Maria and Ron Rosmann giving a preview for a Practical Farmers of Iowa field day held on September 7, 2017, which focused on organic hog and row crop production, water quality and nitrogen, and conservation.